Infinite Sends Warm Message of Support to Toheart

2014-03-12 12:52:50 2014-03-12 12:52:50

While SHINee sent the duo a rather hilarious and playful message, Infinite has showed their support with a more traditional greeting!

The video was revealed on March 12, just a day after SHINee’s message was unveiled. As Toheart consists of Woohyun from Infinite and Key from SHINee, it is only natural for both of the teams to cheer on their fellow members, even if they are collaborating with someone else. This is what they call team spirit!

In the clip, the remaining six members of Infinite have gathered to share their thoughts on the duo’s track, and finally promise to actively support Toheart’s activities. They also point out that this is Woohyun’s first time pursuing activities outside of Infinite.

Check out the fun message below, and also take a look at Toheart’s music video if you have not seen it yet!