Kwon Ji Ahn (Solbi) Reveals Image Teaser for “I Am Like Fresh Ice Cream and 31”

2014-03-12 20:08:47 2014-03-17 01:22:16
kwon ji an

You might know her as Solbi, but she will from now promote with her actual name Kwon Ji Ahn!

The multitalented artist recently revealed the cover image for her upcoming release “I Am Like Fresh Ice Cream and 31.” Her agency commented, “Solbi, who will resume her activities as Kwon Ji Ahn (her real name), is about to release new album ‘I Am Like Fresh Ice Cream and 31’ and has unveiled the cover image filled with the scent of springtime.”

In the pastel-colored illustration, a girl with cute rabbit ears is smiling gently with her eyes closed. The splashes of colors on the background add to the harmonious feel of the cover, seemingly inspired by the beginning of spring. The guitar at the upper left corner hints at the use of acoustic guitar, an instrument constructing the overall sound of her album.

Kwon Ji Ahn is known for her talent in all fields of art, and she has personally drawn some of the illustrations for booklet. In addition, she has actively participated in writing the lyrics and producing the album, expressing her admirable work ethic.  

“I Am Like Fresh Ice Cream and 31” will hit the online stores on March 17.

kwon ji an