Still Images of EXO’s Filming of New Commercial

2014-03-12 11:07:37 2014-03-12 11:07:37
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Behind-the-scenes images of idol group EXO’s commercial shoot was revealed.

The Coca-Cola Company revealed photos of EXO enjoying a break from shooting their new commercial.

The members of EXO were professional during the shoot when the camera was on. However, during breaks, when the camera was off, they were seen enjoying themselves like any other group of friends would. The boys of EXO enjoyed their break time playing with shadows, corpse game (pretending to be dead), and juggling.

They also offered drinks to the staff on set. They set a lively mood and kept the staff entertained by singing and doing cute dance moves.

According to a staff on set, “As I worked on the set of the commercial, I realize EXO is a group that is both talented and charming, but I was also able to see that they’re a refreshing group of young men. Just as EXO overcame long years as trainees to realize their dream, I hope they will be able to help other young people realize their potential.”  

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