Teen Top’s Niel Disappoints His Mother on “Mamma Mia”?

2014-03-12 11:57:24 2014-03-12 11:57:24

Seems like Teen Top‘s Niel and his mom had very different expectations for their short getaway.

On the latest episode of KBS2TV’s “Mamma Mia,” the idol and his mother went on a trip together. However, the problems begun even before they had properly departed, as Niel had forgotten to bring his wallet with him.

The hardships continued when the couple tried to follow their plan, ambitiously made by Niel himself. Unfortunately, he failed to calculate the estimated times required for transportation and meals, causing them to fall behind their schedule, and on top of that, he led them to the wrong direction. His mom expressed her frustration, “Are you only going to walk? When are we eating?” when his son seemed to have no clear idea of time and basic needs.

They unexpectedly stumbled upon a Catholic church and decided to take a tour inside. Niel commented, “There’s a lot of things to photograph. You can just take photos,” but his mom disagreed by yelling, “I hate taking photos!” After seeing her mother’s reaction, Niel said, “We have time left, but that’s good. The restaurant have a reservation at is quite far away. We gotta be quick,” and showed his carefree, innocent side.

The producers revealed, “We have never had a new character like Niel to appear on ‘Mamma Mia.’ He made the production team confused, because compared to well organized Lee Young Ja or Park Mi Sun, nothing went smoothly. You will see a trip with filled with energy different from that of Lee Young Ja or Park Mi Sun.”

This entertaining episode aired on March 12.