“Age of Feeling” Actors Have Reportedly Not Received Payments, Producers Respond

2014-03-13 06:56:41 2014-03-13 06:56:41

Earlier today, a domestic news outlet reported about the payments of the supporting cast of KBS2TV’s “Age of Feeling” not being issued correctly. Now, the producers have come forward with their stance on the issue.

A representative of Ray & Mo, the company producing the drama, revealed to OSEN on March 13, “Regarding the unpaid appearance fees, there are many parts that are not true. Almost all of the appearance fees for leading actors have been paid.”

“We have cancelled our contract with the company assisting with supporting cast, who claim that they have not received their payments. This company had constant unreasonable requests, such as requesting for payments that have not been clarified,” the source continued.

“It is embarrassing that these discussions are held in a situation where we are working with another company,” the representative concluded, explaining that they no longer work with the actors and that the issue is currently taken care of.

Even before airing, the drama made headlines with its strikingly large budget of 15 billion won (approximately 13 million USD).