HyunA and Gayoon’s Duet “Come Back” From “4Minute World” Ruled Unfit for Broadcast

2014-03-13 23:54:32 2014-03-14 00:00:46

One of the songs from 4minute‘s upcoming album, “4Minute World” has been deemed unfit to be broadcast on SBS.

The song is “Come Back,” (working title) a duet by members HyunA and Gayoon. The song and the album has yet to be released until March 17, but SBS already ruled that the song’s subject manner and lyrics were unsuitable for broadcast. The song has cleared with MBC, and KBS is still in process of ruling. 

“Come Back ” features HyunA’s rap and Gayoon’s vocals. The funky r&b like song is about a frank girl who is innocent about love. According to reports, the questionable lyrics are some blunt and provocative phrases about the girl’s feelings for the man that she loves. 

4Minute is no stranger to censorship from the broadcast channels. In 2009, the song “I Won’t Give It to You” from their first album was ruled unfit for broadcast by KBS for similar reasons. In 2012, HyunA was unable to perform her solo song “Very Hot” on MBC and KBS. In 2013, one of the songs from their last album was banned because of an English swear word.  

However, as “Come Back” is not their main track, this ruling should not have a great influence in 4Minute’s comeback schedule. 4Minute will make their comeback with the song “What Are You Doing Today?” on March 17.