B.A.P to Wrap Up Music Show Promotions This Week

2014-03-14 01:44:21 2014-03-14 01:44:21
B.A.P win 2

B.A.P will be wrapping up music show promotions for their latest song, “1004 (Angel)” this week. They will be having their final performances of the song starting from “Music Bank” on March 14, and then moving on to “Music Core” and “Inkigayo” on March 15 and 16.

For their good bye stages, the groups will not be performing “1004” but another track, “Spy” for a special performance. The group had revealed the song’s performance for the first time for their solo concert in Seoul, and now all B.A.P fans will have a chance to see it. Not only will they be giving a fun and energetic performance, the members have prepared plenty of fan service to add on to the show.

B.A.P. also gave a heartfelt shout out video to their fans for “White Day” which you can watch here.