Boy Group 100% Gifts Fans Sweet Candy with Kisses for White Day

2014-03-14 02:23:59 2014-03-14 02:23:59

As some may know, Korea is one of a few countries celebrating White Day on March 14. Traditionally, on this day, guys gift girls with white gifts from candies to intimate articles of clothing.

On March 13, the members of 100% went around giving fans candy along with simple cards marked with their kisses right before their performance at “M! Countdown.”

Some fans thought that the members printed the card with the kiss-shaped lipstick marks, but member Rok Hyun quickly erased that thought by posting a selca wearing faded lipstick (from all that kissing!).

Meanwhile, 100% recently made a comeback with “Beat” at “M! Countdown” yesterday and will be performing tonight at “Music Bank.” The music video for “Beat” is planned for release on March 17.

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