4Minute, Crayon Pop, and APink Will All Make Their Comebacks in March

2014-03-15 16:14:47 2014-03-15 16:14:47
4minute crayon pop apink

March became a month of girl group battles as Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, and Orange Caramel made their official comebacks. Now, fans can add to the list of girl groups returning in the month of March as 4Minute , Crayon Pop, and APink will all make their comeback by the end of this month.

4Minute will return on March 17 with the release of their 5th mini album, “4Minute World.” The girls will make their comeback with their song “What Are You Doing Today?” once again working with producer Brave Brothers. 4Minute has been stirring up attention through the release of their teaser images and teaser video for their new song. 

Crayon Pop will also be returning on March 29 with another fun song. As the girls garnered attention for their catchy and unique choreography and style, Crayon Pop’s agency stated, “The outfits for this comeback will seem familiar to Korean fans, while new to international fans because the outfits will have a Korean feel to it.” The song will have an energetic melody and lyrics that spread hope.

At the end of March, APink will be making their official comeback after 9 months. On March 31, the girls will be returning with their new album, creating anticipation towards another catchy song. Despite the upcoming comeback, further detail about the album or the style of song is yet unknown.

March has been a fun month, watching the returns of girl groups with different colors and characters. We better start marking our calendars because the comebacks of 4Minute, Crayon Pop, and APink  are events we should anticipate.

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