Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Sunny Post Up Hilarious Picture and Video for Music Bank Win

2014-03-15 13:38:44 2014-03-15 13:38:44
Girls' Generation

Girls’ Generation debuted seven years ago, but the veteran girl group continues to show thanks to their fans for every music program win. On March 14, member Sooyoung posted on her Instagram a photo of Tiffany and herself analyzing their “Music Bank” trophy. Yet, the photo hilariously resembled a capture of the two posing with their trophies three years ago when Girls’ Generation had won on “Music Bank” for their song, “The Boys.” Sooyoung wrote, “2011/ new ver. 2014J #thankyousone,” dedicating the music program win to the girls’ fans.

Furthermore, Sunny posted on her Instagram a video of herself bowing before the camera, showing her gratitude towards her fans. Yet, the formal bow had a twist, as Sunny’s body and “Music Bank” trophy were all of a sudden wrapped with a pink blanket and dragged away from the camera by none other than Taeyeon. The funny clip was filled with laughter, showing the girls’ thankfulness mixed with humor.

Currently Girls’ Generation is promoting their new song, “Mr. Mr.” and has captured first place on the major music programs. Congratulations Girls’ Generation!