“Man from the Stars” Fans Coin a New Chinese Word for Actor Kim Soo Hyun

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The popularity of SBS’ “Man from the Stars” continues, as China is currently experiencing the drama’s craze. However, the drama’s viewers had a slight problem with pronouncing a character’s name, causing fans to create a new word. In Korea, the word “shi” is placed behind a person’s name in order to formally address someone. Yet, as the drama had many scenes in which Kim Soo Hyun’s character was called “Do Min Joon shi,” Chinese fans of the drama felt that there was no Chinese word that would replicate the exact feeling of adding “shi” behind the name “Do Min Joon.” Thus, the fans have added “xi” behind the name Do Min Joon, creating the new word “Do Min Joon xi” (the name Do Min Joon is spelled in Chinese, while ‘xi’ is spelled in English).  

kim soo hyun do min joon xi

A representative of Chinese entertainment commented to eNEWS, “In China, Kim Soo Hyun’ popularity is very high. Other programs are working hard to have him appear on their show. There is a ‘Do Min Joon xi’ craze right now. There are titles for ‘teachers’ and other formal names, but fans felt that no Chinese word could portray ‘Do Min Joon shi’ so people have added ‘xi’ in order to sound the same as shi. Now in newspapers and other media outlets they use the word “Do Min Joon xi” to refer to Kim Soo Hyun. “

The newly coined word, “Do Min Joon xi” is another example of “Man from the Stars’” popularity in China.

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