Images of Jun Ji Hyun 14 Years Ago Create Buzz

2014-03-16 10:49:32 2014-03-16 10:49:32
Jeon Ji Hyun

Images of actress Jun Ji Hyun from 14 years ago are creating a buzz among netizens. 

A recent post on an online community revealed past photos of Jun Ji Hyun and is receiving much attention from netizens. It’s difficult to find any changes when comparing her image as Chun Song Yi in the recently concluded SBS drama, “Man from the Stars” with her past images. Jun Ji Hyun’s beauty seems to be unchanging.

The photos consist of images of the actress’ appearance in a variety program and her previous films including “My Sassy Girl” and “Il Mare,” which were filmed during her twenties. Her long straight hair, flawless skin, and young features highlight her innocent charm. What’s more surprising is the fact that her beauty continues to shine.

 jeon ji hyun

jeon ji hyun