Royal Pirates Member James Puts His Superb Swimming Skills on Display

2014-03-16 20:47:33 2014-03-16 20:47:33

Royal Pirates member James put his superb swimming skills on display on the March 16 episode of KBS2Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2,” in the couple swimming competition.

Host Lee Chang Myung asked James if he swam, and James responded that he used to play water polo in high school. So yes. When asked if he was confident then, James said after a moment, that he is. True to his word, from the preliminaries straight through to the finals, James was sitting pretty in the number one spot, cleanly making up for the less-than-great results of his partner, Kwon RiSe

Also featured on the March 16 episode of “Let’s Go Dream Team” were Jang Min Ho, Shorry, Jang Ji Woo, Kris, Kwon RiSe, and others. 


You can watch a clip of it on KBS’ official Youtube channel here.