Henry Surprises the members of “Real Men” with His Intelligence

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On many occasions, Henry had shown his cluelessness on MBC’s “Real Men.” However on the recent episode, the singer was able to solve a mathematical problem within seconds while the other members struggled to comprehend the math.

On the March 16 broadcast of “Real Men,” member Kim Soo Ro gave an interesting math problem to the other soldiers in their unit. The problem that was posted on the wall is as follows: 5※2=11, 3※2=7, 4※5=30, 8※4=?

It took one hour for a science major to figure out the answer, while Seo Kyung Suk, who graduated from Seoul University (Korea’s Harvard), gave up entirely on the question. However, when Henry re-entered the room after taking a health exam, the other soldiers were curious as to how the supposedly clueless singer would try and solve the problem. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, Henry announced “It’s very easy,” and within 10 seconds was able to solve the math.

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What was the answer to the problem? Basically the second number meant the amount of consecutive numbers after the first number that was added to the first number. For example 5※2=11 meant 5+6=11; so, two numbers were in total added together, 5 (the first number) and 6 (the consecutive number after 5) in order to create the sum of 11. Likewise, 3※2=7 meant 3+4=7, and 4※5=30 was 4+5+6+7+8=30; Thus, 8※4=? equaled 8+9+10+11 = 38.

Although on the show Henry may seem clueless, the singer’s background has shown that he is a genius, as Henry speaks six languages, and has graduated from Toronto University and Berklee School of Music.

Hopefully, Henry can showcase more of his genius mind in the upcoming episodes of “Real Men.”

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