Kim Soo Hyun’s “In Front of Your House” MV Brings Back “Man from the Stars” Memories

2014-03-17 22:44:59 2014-03-17 22:45:33

Kim Soo Hyun‘s track “In Front of Your House” for “Man from the Stars” OST has already been out for a while, but his agency, Keyeast, has just released the official music video for the song!

The music video is sure to bring back to fans all the feels they had while watching the both heart-breaking and utterly delightful drama. The music video sums up the relationship between Kim Soo Hyun’s Do Min Joon and Jun Ji Hyun‘s Chun Song Yi, presenting it from Do Min Joon’s point of view. The music video starts off with Kim Soo Hyun’s narration- “After coming to this strange star 400 years ago, I had a rule that I staunchly kept right from the beginning. But in the last three months, everything broke down. My final destiny is starting. Will I be able to overcome this fate?”

“In Front of Your House” is produced by Wasabii Sound, which was the main arrangement team for SBS’ singing audition program, “K-Pop Star 2.” Hong Joon Ho is on the guitar, Shin Suk Chul is on the drum, and Choi Hoon is on the bass for the instrumental.