NS Yoon-G Wows Fans with Comeback Teaser in a White Halter Top Swimsuit

2014-03-17 19:21:54 2014-03-17 19:21:54

NS Yoon-G already gave fans a heads up that she’s preparing for a comeback by posting a photo showing off her hard-earned abs.

On March 18, NS Yoon-G released an image teaser sporting a white halter top swimsuit for her upcoming mini album “Yashishi” (English title pending). The English translation means “erotic,” which makes one question whether this mini album will be suitable for fans of all ages.

“Yashishi” is a collaboration between Seion and Double Sidekick, and the track will have a retro tango infused hip hop rhythmical beat.

Fans will be able to grab the album from April 1.

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