Rain Appears in Orange Super Car for Upcoming Chinese Film “Hong Yan Lu Shui”

2014-03-17 23:52:22 2014-03-17 23:52:22

World star Rain has been spotted in an exotic orange super car on the set of his upcoming Chinese movie “Hong Yan Lu Shui.” The behind the scene picture was posted on the movie’s Weibo page on March 17. 

Rain will be playing alongside the beautiful Chinese actress Liu Yifei in his debut Chinese film “Hong Yan Lu Shui.” The two were seen filming a coffee date in previous photos. The movie is directed by the popular Chinese director Gao Xixi who directed the 2012 movie “Legend of Chu and Han.”

The super car below is a unique convertible with sharp lines and angles. In the movie, Rain will be playing the character of Shui Chung Shuin who is a wealthy heir of a top businessman. So does anyone know what kind of car this is?

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