SISTAR’s Bora Transforms into a Tomboy in Recent Vogue Photoshoot

2014-03-17 17:11:47 2014-03-17 17:11:47

Recently, SISTAR’s Bora worked with Vogue to put together a fashion photoshoot that displayed the rapper’s feminine and masculine styles.

Working with seven makeup stylists, the SISTAR member collaborated with global beauty brand Chanel in order to form the different and creative looks. From an innocent looking girl to a chic tomboy, Bora was able to digest different styles accordingly with the different lip colors that were utilized.

Known for her fashion sense, Bora’s dynamic styling complimented her overall look. Although having filmed for 10 hours, the rapper showed no signs of fatigue, conveying her professionalism and love for fashion.

bora vogue 2 bora vogue 3

The contrasting images of Bora developed various types of fashion styles available with the change of makeup and clothes. You can catch more of Bora’s fashion shoot in the April issue of Vogue Girl.