Unique Hip Hop Trio “Ugly Pumpkin” Debuts with Fresh Love Single “From Yesterday”

2014-03-17 23:19:00 2014-03-17 23:19:00
ugly pumpkin

Unique hip hop trio Ugly Pumpkin has debuted with a fresh and alternative new single “From Yesterday.” The trio brings a breathe of fresh air in today’s hip hop genre with their relaxing beats, original style and creative flow. The group consists of vocal Omtae (Uhm Taehoon), and two rappers Shahgoon (Kim Daehwan) and Wormboy (Han Junghoon). 

The single “From Yesterday” is about a man’s crush for a woman, and how he hopes to become a boyfriend of his crush. The trio is expressing the feelings that they had for their crush when they saw her yesterday.

The MV features the beautiful Seoul skyline and Han river as the trio perform in black and white outfits. The trio also wear colorful camouflage outfits as they stroll through the super market. Enjoy their relaxing and creative track below.