[Exclusive] Lunafly’s “Sam Cam” Takes You Behind the Scenes at “Music Bank”

2014-03-18 23:01:08 2014-05-01 16:37:43

Have you ever wondered what singers do while they wait for their turn to rehearse or perform at one of the weekend music shows? How do they spend their free time, which is not quite “free” because they’re stuck in the dressing room?

Lunafly’s Sam films part two of his mini reality series titled “Sam Cam” for Soompiers. The group recently made a comeback with title track “Special Guy” featuring Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo and Sam shares with us some of their moments behind the scene.   You can check the first short episode here if you haven’t watched it yet!

And for those who have, check out episode two below! Remember to click on the Captions button for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese subs!