Key Chooses Tiffany as the Prettiest Female in SM Entertainment

2014-03-18 09:57:34 2014-03-18 09:57:34

Toheart and SHINee member Key has chosen fellow SM family member Tiffany as the most beautiful member in their company.

On March 18, Key and Woohyun were guests on SBS PowerFM’s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote Toheart’s debut album and have a fun discussion with the MCs.

When the topic of ideal types was brought up, the two said, “We have different preferences.”

Woohyun continued, “Our ideal types are different to the point where when I say who I find the prettiest among girl groups, Key goes ‘Really?'” Key said, “Our tastes are similar, but we have different types of females we like.” 

When asked who is the most beautiful among singers in the same agency, Key hesitated a bit at first, “I’ve seen Girls’ Generation so much,” but finally revealed, “Tiffany.”

Hopefully Tiffany and Key have many occasions to get closer and spend time together!