Park Yoochun Expresses His Frustration Over Shoulder Injury at Press Conference

2014-03-18 19:15:15 2014-03-18 19:15:15

JYJ’s Park Yoochun opened up about getting injured while filming for SBS’ drama “Three Days” and his frustration.

On March 18, the cast of “Three Days” held a press conference at SBS Tanhyun Production Center. He shared, “There are days when I get frustrated and even super annoyed while filming action scenes due to sustaining a shoulder injury in a previous filming.”

Park Yoochun went on, “I’d like to move and act the way I want to, but since there’s still pain, I try my best not to move my right shoulder and even have a doctor accompany me during filming. I also receive a lot of help from the staff.”

Kim Young Sub, Director of SBS Drama, stated, “‘Three Days’ has already aired four episodes, but heard that Park Yoochun is required six months of therapy.”

“Three Days” portrays the story of the president who is under the threat of being assassinated and his bodyguard who works to keep him alive. Along with Park Yoochun, the main cast includes Son Hyun Joo, Park Ha Sun, Yoon Jae Moon, Jang Hyun Sung, Choi Won Young, and So Yi Hyun.