Singer Ali Makes Surprise Comeback with Unexpected Song Release Today

2014-03-18 20:12:21 2014-03-18 20:12:21

“Haunting voice of huskiness” Ali is delighting her fans today with a surprise song release! A little bit earlier in the day, her agency announced that the singer was releasing a “serenade for her fans,”  keeping the title of the song a secret. It is a secret no longer it the release of the song on online music stores; the title is “Because of You.” This is the first of many songs Ali plans to release in relay for her fans to listen too. You can listen to “Because of You” here.

The song is composed by hit-maker Jo Young Soo, and her agency, Yedang Entertainment, commented, “[Ali and Jo Young Soo] will show a chemistry that will match that of Ali and Im Jae Bum for their recently released song “I Love You.” Check out the music video for the song below.