Taeyeon: “We Were Worried Fans Would Switch to Other Girl Groups”

2014-03-18 07:27:08 2014-03-18 07:27:08

Girls’ Generation is finally back, but leader Taeyeon revealed that their lengthy hiatus caused them to worry about their fans.

On March 17, the nine girls of the group appeared on SBS’ “Healing Camp” and opened up about the brightest moments as well as the hardships that they have experienced over the years.

Yuri said, “We were friends who danced and sang together. As I reached my goal of becoming a singer, I started getting confused over what I actually want.” 

“I felt like a child that lost her way while walking down the road. My destination became dimmer. I am thinking what I should do in order for Girls’ Generation to be a bit happier together and stay more beautiful,” she continued.

Taeyeon confessed, “As time passed by, new groups started appearing. I was worried our fans would switch to them. I felt that we must release our album fast,” confirming that the intense competition among girl groups is affecting even those at the very top.

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