Block B’s Zico Apologizes for Thailand Incident Once Again

2014-03-19 13:18:18 2014-03-19 13:18:18

Block B‘s Zico was a recent guest on “Radio Star” and once again apologized for his actions in Thailand in 2012.

The MCs mentioned, “There was an issue about speaking too rashly in Thailand but tell us in detail what happened.”

Zico answered, “At the time, there was a big flood in Thailand. But back then, I was young and I was just trying to make the interview fun when I made the mistake. I didn’t even know such a big thing happened and when the reporter asked, ‘Please give some words of comfort to your Thailand fans,’ I made a joke.”

He added, “I want to apologize once again right now.”

Meanwhile, other guests on this week’s “Radio Star” included Heo Ji Woong, Hong Jin Ho and Simon D.

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