Clara Accents Her Spring Makeup with Heavy Eyeliner for Nylon

2014-03-19 12:45:45 2014-03-19 12:45:45

Actress and model Clara toned down her trademark sexy look and put the focus on her spring make up instead for a beauty pictorial for Nylon Magazine.

In the pictorial, Clara models that spring make up with its various colors of blush can still be used to show different dimensions of a woman’s face. Through different styles of heavy black eyeliner, Clara shows an innocent, charismatic, and chic styles. In one photo, Clara puts the focus on a feathery style eyeliner outline, that gives off  bold but classy look. 

Along with the pictorial, Clara also had an interview with the magazine where she talked about her favorite make up styles and beauty secrets. 


You can catch this beautiful pictorial in the April edition of Nylon.