Lim Chang Jung Releases Emotional MV for “Ordinary Day”

2014-03-19 09:58:50 2014-03-19 09:58:50

Jack-of-all-trades and veteran singer Lim Chang Jung released the music video for his new title track, “Ordinary Song” from his newly released 12th studio album.

“Ordinary Song” is about a man is going through a heartbreak and sings an ordinary song about a breakup. Though it may sound like an ordinary song, the lyrics and melody perfectly express his pain.

Lim Chang Jung’s gentle and unique voice in the beginning, as well as the emotional climax of the song, hits all the right chords to deliver a sad yet beautiful song.

The woman in the music video is rookie actress Shim Ji Won, who has garnered a lot of attention for the kiss scene with Lim Chang Jung, which was previously revealed through teaser clips.

This is Lim Chang Jung’s first studio album in five years, with his 11th studio album being released in 2009.