MBLAQ Releases MV Teaser Clip for “Be A Man”

2014-03-19 09:21:39 2014-03-19 09:21:39

On March 19, MBLAQ released the first music video teaser clip for their upcoming single, “Be A Man.”

The 25 second clip contained images of MBLAQ, looking mature and quite manly in handsome suits and coats.

“Be A Man” is looking like it’ll be a sad and emotional song about “being a man” and letting someone go. At the end of the dark and melancholy clip, you can hear the highlight melody of the song, “Should I be a man and let you go?”

MBLAQ previously pre-leased Our Relationship,” which will also be in their upcoming mini-album. MBLAQ will be coming back with “Be a Man” and their sixth mini-album “BROKEN” on March 24.