Yoo Seung Jun Celebrates His 17th Anniversary Since Debut with Korean Fans

2014-03-19 15:25:17 2014-03-19 15:25:17
Steve Yoo

Yoo Seung Jun spent a meaningful time with his Korean fans, who flew to China, in celebration of his 17th anniversary since his debut.

On March 16, Yoo Seung Jun, who is currently promoting as an actor in China, posted a photo and a message on his Weibo account expressing his gratitude towards the unchanging support his fans have shown him throughout the years. 

He wrote, “The people who have been with me for 17 years. They’re always there, always the same… I can’t go to Korea, so they came to me. They’re tough, and there’s no stopping them. They make it impossible for me to give up being Yoo Seung Jun. Guys, I’m not jealous of Kim Soo Hyun. Thank you, and I love you. West Side.”

The photo Yoo Seung Jun uploaded shows images of him and his fans and the decorated venue of their meeting. There are about 20 fans in the photo smiling brightly with Yoo Seung Jun.

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Jun finished filming “Tough Guy Daddy,” which will release in theaters in China on April 11.

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