Danny Ahn Signs with New Agency After Leaving Sidus HQ

2014-03-20 05:02:46 2014-03-20 05:02:46

It has been reported singer Danny Ahn signed an exclusive contract with Box Media. Box Media is an entertainment established by Park Hye Sun, a former KBS Director of Variety Programs.

On March 19, a representative of Danny Ahn stated, “Danny Ahn’s contract with Sidus HQ ended last January, but the change has not been edited under his profile on various portal sites.”

It was rumored that the singer would be signing with g.o.d group mate, Kim Tae Woo’s agency, Soulshop Entertainment. However, Danny Ahn’s representative stated, “It’s just a rumor. He has been in talks with Box Media since early this year. You can assume the decision is final.”

While many fans respect the singer’s decision, many g.o.d. fans are curious about how this would influence the prospective of a g.o.d reunion.