Ex-After School Member Yoo So Young Reported to Be Dating Baseball Player Shim Soo Chang But Later Denies Claims

2014-03-20 06:42:48 2014-03-20 06:42:48

Initial reports stated that former After School member-turned actor Yoo So Young is dating baseball player Shim Soo Chang.

Reports stated that when Shim Soo Chang left for Japan for training, Yoo So Young accompanied him. It is said that the two enjoyed a date in Japan together. Yoo So Young and Shim Soo Chang were reported to be dating for a few months so far.

However, Yoo So Young’s agency denied these claims by saying, “It is true that Yoo So Young and Shim Soo Chang know each other but they are not dating. She was very surprised at the reports. They are absolutely factless.”

They continued, “Yoo So Young went to Japan for filming purposes and met up with her friends. So it is true that she met with Shim Soo Chang because they are good friends. They are not dating and it was not a date.”

Yoo So Young put aside her singer activities last year and joined PF Entertainment in December of 2013 to pursue an acting career. She is currently acting in the SBS morning drama, “My Only Love.”

Shim Soo Chang is currently a pitcher for the Lotte Giants.

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