Jay Park Sports Fun and Sexy Suit Look for “Arena Homme Plus”

2014-03-20 14:02:46 2014-03-20 14:02:46

Jay Park is dripping with sexy charisma for a recent fashion photo shoot for “Arena Homme Plus” magazine.

Jay Park shows off his swagtastic suit fashion by posing for photographer Kim Young Joon. The photo shoot is for the TASTEmakers project, run by fashion designer Kwak Ho Bin.

A touch of fun was added to the classic suit look as Jay Park has splatters of green and purple paint on his handsome outfit, representing both his professional and playful side.

It is said that Jay Park worked hard on this shoot, scrubbing off all the paint after one shot in order to get splattered again with a different color for the next. Despite all of that, Jay Park was said to never lose his smile throughout the shoot.

This TASTEmakers project will not only be featured in the April edition of “Arena Homme Plus” but in Jay Park’s new music video as well.

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