Junggigo Addresses Recent Rumor of Him Getting Married

2014-03-20 05:23:10 2014-03-20 05:23:10

Popularity, fame, and rumors; all tend to come hand in hand.

Junggigo, a rising star of the K-pop scene, recently experienced the darker sides of success firsthand, as a rumor of him tying the knot started circulating on the internet.

On March 19, he wrote on his Twitter, “Personally, ‘Junggigo’s marriage rumor’ crossed the line! hahahahahahahaha” and expressed his opinion on the issue. 

Fellow singer Yoonha replied, “Who? With Soyu?” to which Junggigo responded with, “I don’t know hahaha I heard it is circulating on SNS.” While he has not clearly denied the claim, he seems to be more amused with than worried about it, hinting that the rumor is just a groundless one.

After the release of Soyu x Junggigo‘s “Some,” dating rumors of Junggigo begun appearing on networking sites and discussion boards, but so far the singer has decided to remain silent about the issue.