Simon D Became Co-CEO of AOMG Without Buying Any Shares in the Company

2014-03-20 08:40:27 2014-03-20 08:40:27
Simon Dominic

On the March 19 broadcast of MBC’s variety program, “Radio Star,” Simon D appeared as one of the guests.

On the show, the rapper talked about how he became partners with Park Jae Bum (Jay Park) and a co-CEO of the new hip-hop label, AOMG.

Simon D introduced himself as a hip-hop label CEO and explained he joined Park Jae Bum as a partner.

MC Kim Gura asked, “Did Park Jae Bum invest a lot of money?” and Simon D answered, “He had already established the label before I joined.”

He was then asked how many shares he has in the company to which Simon D answered, “My existence in itself is a big share. Jae Bum said me joining him was enough. We’ll discuss the shares gradually.”

Aside from his business ventures, Simon D also talked about his ex-girlfriend Lady Jane and the diss battle involving his former Supreme Team member, E-Sens.

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