100%’s Foreign Male Fans Show Enthusiastic Reactions to “Beat”

2014-03-22 02:07:51 2014-03-22 02:07:51

Male group 100% is back with their title track “Beat,” and fans from all around the world have shown their entertaining reactions to the music video.

100% revealed their highly anticipated music video on March 17, and only a few hours later, male fans from America, Europe, and Asia had already filmed their initial reactions to the clip. 

One of the fans showed his dedication by copying the dramatic eye makeup look worn by Chan Yong, and he even burst into tears while watching the video. He wrapped up his reaction video by expressing his will to purchase the album.

Another fan fully immersed himself in the video, letting his emotions show throughout the watching experience. He also showed off his interpretation of an eye-catching dance move inspired by the rebirth of Chan Yong in the music video.

100% is currently promoting their second mini album “Bang the Bush” and title track “Beat.” You can also buy a limited autographed set at Soompi Shop!