Actress Han Ye Seul Displays Her Goddess-Like Beauty in Pictorial

2014-03-22 00:53:02 2014-03-22 00:53:02
Marie Claire

Actress Han Ye Seul demonstrated her dazzling goddess-like beauty in a recent pictorial for Marie Claire magazine, which showcased various lip colors.

In the photos, Han Ye Seul brought out her charisma and sexy charm through a fierce red lip color. She also displayed a graceful and lovely look with a pinkish lip color.

Han Ye Seul attracted attention as she showed off complete different poses to match the different lip colors achieving the concept of the photo shoot to its full effect.

One of the staff present at the photo shoot stated, “Han Ye Seul’s ability to display various moods according to the lip color has already led to many inquiries. She did a good job of expressing her confidence and charm demonstrating transformation through various lip colors.”

Han Ye Seul’s lipstick pictorial will be featured in the April issue of Marie Claire magazine. 

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