Crayon Pop Previews Another Addictive Track in “Uh-ee” MV Teaser

2014-03-23 20:23:42 2014-03-23 20:23:42

Will Crayon Pop be bringing another addictive song like their big hit “Bar Bar Bar” with their new track “Uh-ee“? Judge for yourself with their first music video teaser that gives you a little taste of the song.

The girls Korean traditional clothes- inspired costumes that were unveiled previously are nowhere to be found in this teaser,  with the members showing up to a party in long evening gowns. The party seems to be far from elegant, however, with people dancing widely and the music a trot-inspired dance track. Elegant? No. But fun? Yes.

Crayon Pop will make their comeback on March 31. 

It was also previously announced that Crayon Pop will be opening be for Lady Gaga‘s US tour in the summer.