Girls’ Generation Takes No.1 Against 2NE1, Soyu x Junggigo on SBS Inkigayo 03.23.14

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The March 23 broadcast of SBS’ “Inkigayo” was a highly anticipated three-way competition for first place as the front-runners were once again Girls’ GenerationSoyu x Junggigo, and 2NE1. With 2NE1 winning last week, Girls’ Generation the week before that, and Soyu x Junggigo holding strong, all eyes were on who was going to be the winner today, and it has been decided. Girls’ Generation wins this week’s no.1. Congratulations! 

2NE1 performed “Come Back Home” and  Girls’ Generation performed “Mr.Mr.“  Soyu x Junggigo finished promoting “Some” last week and did not perform.

Besides the three front-runners, CNBLUEToheart, 100%LEDappleOrange Caramel, BESTie, Timber and Lim Jung Hee, Melody Day, So Real, 1PS, Monsterz, Park Soo Jin, and JJCC all showed their spectacular performance.

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Girls’ Generation accepting no.1 for “Mr.Mr.” 

Girls’ Generation- “Mr.Mr.”

2NE1- “Come Back Home”