“Hotel King” Trailers Show an Intense Lee Dong Wook and a Funny Lee Da Hae

2014-03-23 11:28:03 2014-03-23 11:28:03
hotel king

Trailers for the upcoming drama “Hotel King” have been released giving us a small taste of the unique main characters. “Hotel King” follows the love story between hotel heiress Ah Mo Ne (Lee Da Hae) and successful hotel manager Cha Jae Won (Lee Dong Wook). The two actors previously worked along side each other in the 2005 drama “My Girl.”

Teaser four shows actor Lee Dong Wook as the intense hotel businessman Cha Jae Won who is dedicated to keeping the finest resorts. He will ultimately go up against his own father to protect Ah Mo Ne.

Teaser three shows Lee Da Hae portraying the charming and funny hotel heiress Ah Mo Ne. She will be trying to save her father’s legacy.

The drama “Hotel King” will premiere April 5 on MBC at 9:45pm KST. The drama is scheduled for 32 episodes.