A-Prince Parodies Girl’s Day’s “Something” and Celebrates 500th Day Since Debut!

2014-03-24 22:03:34 2014-03-24 22:07:49

The boys of A-Prince are showing off their sexiness with a twist with their parody of Girl’s Day‘s hit track “Something.”

Released through A-Prince’s official Youtube channel, the video takes a music video format with single shot scenes and dancing shots filmed in different locations. A-Prince takes their parody out of the studio and into the streets of Seoul, which produces some unexpected guests in the music video. In one scene, a young boy wanders into the scene of A-Prince dancing, trying to imitate the moves. 

A-Prince also brings a comedic twist to the parody, wearing on their right hand a green washcloth often used in Korea at bath houses to scrub off dead skin. 

Yesterday, A-Prince released a video for their 500th day since debut in which they ask, “Everyone, do you want to kiss?” This question follows the theme of A-Prince’s upcoming new single,  “Do You Want to Kiss? which comes out March 28.

Congratulations, A-Prince, on your 500th day anniversary!