Andy Apologizes to Fans at Shinhwa’s 16th Anniversary Concert

2014-03-24 07:50:50 2014-03-24 07:50:50

Shinhwa member Andy, who has suspended all broadcast activities due to gambling charges, made a surprise appearance at Shinhwa’s recent 16th anniversary concert entitled “Here,” held on March 23 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

It was revealed prior to the concert that Andy would not be attending, but following the encore performance, the members said to the fans, “We have a present. Please close your eyes,” after which they counted to three, and Andy stepped on stage. Dressed in a black suit, Andy spoke to the crowd, “I had a lot of concerns about whether I, after having done so wrong, would be able to step on stage. I feel like I’ve disappointed all of you so much, I’m very sorry.” When asked how he’s been, he replied, tearing up, that he’s been spending time reflecting on his wrongs. The crowd then consoled him, telling him that it’s ok and not to cry.

Minwoo then promised the crowd that Shinhwa would be back in the fall as a complete group, wrapping up the performance with all six voices, “We are Shinhwa.”