Girl Hood Members Have Backgrounds as Idol Trainees, Models and Beauty Pageant Contestants

2014-03-24 16:39:05 2014-03-24 16:39:05
girl hood

Dubbed the “ahjumma girl group,” Girl Hood has made the headlines again by revealing more details on the members.

According to their agency SC Entertainment, the members include a wife of a family’s oldest son (usually has to organize all family meetings and more), a previous fitting model, and a previous idol trainee. Their average height is said to be 170cm, and with their mature charm, their looks do not fall short of those of younger girl groups. In their past, they have all received prizes at beauty contests, and of course, they are said to have great singing skills.

Girl Hood will be debuting with their title track “Honey Sweetie I Love You” on March 25. The song has been composed by Ahn Hyung Min and written by the group’s CEO Kim Sung Chae. Like the title suggests, the lyrics express a wife’s loving feelings towards her husband.

Their agency explained, “The group name Girl Hood describes ahjummas’ looks back at their teen years and their will to realize their dream back then. ‘Honey Sweetie I Love You’ will make your shoulders move to the rhythm, breaking the prejudiced opinions on ahjummas.”

“Girl Hood will be the representative ahjumma group, giving hope and dreams to ahjummas taking care of their husbands and children,” their agency concluded.