Kim Jae Won Suffered Fractured Nose, Yet Continued On With Fanmeeting

2014-03-24 17:55:10 2014-03-24 17:55:10

Talk about dedication! Actor Kim Jae Won suffered a nose fracture when he was rehearsing for his Japanese fanmeeting, but was adamant on meeting his fans.

According to a representative, the actor insisted on appearing for his Japanese fans who had been eager to see him.

In regards to the actor’s health, Kim Jae Won’s agency commented, “After he finished his fanmeeting, Kim Jae Won came back to Korea and went to a hospital for a full check-up. The results came back as the actor having a fractured nose. The doctors said that they had to keep an eye on his nose because sometimes the bones are able to naturally heal, but if that doesn’t happen the actor would need to undergo correctional procedures.”

However, Kim Jae Won’s agency updated on the actor’s condition and stated, “We are canceling his schedules for this week, and we are planning for him to undergo surgery next week.” Currently Kim Jae Won is active in the MBC reality show, “Four Son One Daughter”as well as MBC’s current affairs show “Real Story Eye.” We hope for a speedy recovery!

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