Orange Caramel’s Raina: “We Feel the Pressure Nowadays for a Stronger Concept”

2014-03-24 08:58:16 2014-03-24 08:58:21

Concept after concept, Orange Caramel has charmed the public with their unique comebacks, but seems coming up with fresh ideas is not as easy as it might look. 

The three members were guests on KBS CoolFM’s “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s Two O’Clock” on March 24 to discuss the positive and negative sides of being a singer, and a Orange Caramel member in particular.

Nana said, “My actual personality does not go together with the flashy stage outfits of Orange Caramel, I don’t like them nor do I think they fit me. That’s why me and Raina were not too enthusiastic about it first.

Expressing her completely opposite opinion, Lizzy laughed, “Personally, I liked it a lot. The clothes and the music have this kind of nostalgic, addictive feel to them, so I really liked them.”

MC Jo Jung Chi commented, “The outcome is very good so you all must like it,” to which Raina replied, “We all like it now and are working hard.”

“Honestly, we feel the pressure nowadays. In the past, it was a hit or a miss. There was no pressure. As we are promoting as After School as well, I had the mindset of having fun promoting as Orange Caramel, but as time goes by, people seem to want even stronger concepts so we feel pressured and think how to stand out even more,” she continued.

Orange Caramel made their comeback on March 12, and their title track “Catallena” has been a huge hit on music charts and music shows.

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