SBS Denies Officially Signing on a Chinese Version of “Running Man”

2014-03-24 19:47:11 2014-03-24 19:47:11

SBS corrected reports that said a Chinese version of “Running Man” is going into production by saying the production is still in discussion and nothing has been signed yet.

On March 24, SBS stated, “We want to clear up the announcement of a Chinese version of ‘Running Man,’ which was first reported on March 20. The production of a Chinese version of ‘Running Man’ is only in process of discussion and an official contract has not been signed yet.”

They continued, “The broadcast about ‘Running Man’ made in China was one-sided and without discussion with us. Discussions were not made between SBS and the casting either. This was solely executed by the Chinese broadcasters.”

SBS also stated, “All of the SBS staff members and directors in Korea will work on creating a program in China that matches the quality of the Korean version of ‘Running Man.’ However, it is only at the initial stages of discussion. Nothing has been guaranteed or decided yet”

“The Chinese broadcasters made it seem like the Chinese production of ‘Running Man’ has been confirmed without discussing it with SBS first. This is not true.”

Also, SBS announced that the SBS Weibo account being used in China right now is fake. SBS currently only has official accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. SBS stated that it will take legal action for this matter.

It has also been revealed tha the Chinese homepage for “SBS World” has nothing to do with SBS. All of the things posted on this website is not authentic information and SBS showed intentions of bringing the site down and taking legal action.