C-Clown Appointed as Ambassadors for Women’s ‘Safe Return’ Program

2014-03-25 04:21:09 2014-03-25 04:21:09

On March 24, male idol group C-Clown was chosen as the ambassadors for the ‘safe return’ program for women, a nighttime escort program for those who are returning home late at night. The mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon, personally gave the group a plaque of appointment, and revealed his excitement for the group’s promotional activities for the program.

An official of the ‘safe-return’ program explained why C-Clown was chosen, explaining that “The justice concept that C-Clown has falls well into line with the aims and goals of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.”

As the first idols to represent this program, C-Clown said, “Representing the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and being appointed as ambassadors [for this program], there’s a weight on our shoulders.”