Happy Birthday, Xiumin! EXO’s Fans Celebrate Birthday by Advertising the Special Day

2014-03-25 22:29:18 2014-03-25 22:29:18

Today EXO‘s fans celebrated a special day as the group’s oldest member, Xiumin, celebrated his birthday. On March 26, EXO’s Xiumin turned 25, and fans could not help but celebrate the special day by sharing congratulatory messages with the rest of the Korean public. Fans showed their support as they sent messages through their blogs and other social media outlets. Furthermore, fans celebrated Xiumin’s birthday by placing his name among the top searched keyword on Korean search engine sites by continuously searching his name in order to make sure other people knew of his birthday. 


Moreover, fans had prepared more dynamic events besides the use of the internet, as EXO fans also placed advertisements congratulating the singer throughout Korea. From bus stops to sidewalks, fans placed different advertisements for other people to see. To help other EXO fans locate the locations of these different advertisements, fans also created a map of where the ads were placed, as well as the duration in which these advertisements would remain.

Talk about dedication! Congratulations to Xiumin on his 25th birthday!

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