M.I.B Releases Video Teaser for “Chisa Bounce”

2014-03-25 20:20:16 2014-03-25 20:20:16

Hip hop group M.I.B released the music video teaser for their upcoming single “Chisa Bounce” through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

The video teaser shows the group lounging around on a sofa, doing individual things like staring into space or reading a book. The group members become excited and rush closer to the screen, and it is then when we get an audible teaser to what the song will song like. The final shot shows the members wearing white suits with different prints.

“Chisa Bounce”  is said to be an addictive and memorable song with M.I.B’s energetic hip hop sound.

M.I.B’s official comeback stage will take place on April 2 in Japan, where MNet’s “Global M!Countdown” is held. 

Recently, member Cream suffered a serious injury when he fell down the stairs. His participation in this comeback is still uncertain.