MBLAQ Release Secret Cut Photos for “Broken”

2014-03-25 03:25:40 2014-03-25 03:25:40

Boy group MBLAQ gave some extra treats for their fans by releasing secret cut photos from their recently released mini album, “Broken.

In the photos the members of MBLAQ continue the theme of suave but pained. They stand in front of projected backgrounds that look like vast universes. Their unique and very fashionable outfits remind people that MBLAQ has always been fashion conscious for their promotional outfits.

go mir seungho thunder joon

MBLAQ recently started off their promotions for their main track “Be a Man” with the release of the music video. The song was composed by singer Wheesung who specifically the song for MBLAQ as the only boy band he would compose a song for. You can watch the music video here.