Shin Dong Yup on “Witch Hunt”: “I Thought We Would Need a Classy, Yet Trashy Character Like Sung Si Kyung”

2014-03-25 07:33:01 2014-03-25 07:33:01
sung shi kyung shin dong yeop

On March 24’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Music City” with Sung Si Kyung, comedian and fellow “Witch Hunt” host Shin Dong Yup appeared as a guest and discussed the behind-the-scenes of the 19+ talk show “Witch Hunt” and reminisced about the old days when he was a radio DJ.

In 1996, Shin Dong Yup had his own MBC radio show, but unable to do the late night air time from midnight to 2am, he left the program after six months. He said it was because there were no bars open after 2am, so he couldn’t drink.  Shin Dong Yup explained that being back in the studio for the first time in a long time, it reminded him of old times.

The comedian also revealed that when he first received the proposal for “Witch Hunt,” he said that if Sung Si Kyung didn’t do it, he would not either. He said, “I thought that for ‘Witch Hunt,’ we would need a classy, yet trashy character like Sung Si Kyung,” and that “I wanted to reveal the inner Sung Si Kyung that I know so well.”

Shin Dong Yup then jokingly asked Sung Si Kyung, “Why are you working with your pants off?” at which Sung Si Kyung played along, and said to his manager, “Bring me some pants.”